Commercial Painters Perth

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting requires a high standard of professionalism from a painting contractor. To deal with the different kind of partners like builders, other tradesmen and businesses, officials or the public, requires more attention, time and commitment. Without reliability business cannot continue.

Attractive Painting is able to manage smaller to bigger sized jobs with supervision and compliance with Australian Standards and above.

We are offering our clients maintenance painting and we are experienced in doing insurance work.

Spray painting

Old Toll-IPEC depot in Forrestfield
Spray painting is an effective way to paint big surfaces, high ceilings, brick walls or bigger number of doors and doorframes if the environment allows. It can achieve a nice and smooth finish and a better coverage then brush or roller applications.

Attractive Painting can use both airless and air assisted spraying technologies. More »

Roof painting

Corrugated metal roofs and concrete tiled roofs are subject to painting in order to renew them. With a sprayed finish we can make them look like new. More »

Concrete painting

Concrete floors are getting painted to make the surface more hard, durable and easy to clean. More »

Texture coating

Concrete tilt-up panels are often used for commercial buildings. They can be either texture coated or just painted like any other walls. More »

Anti graffiti coatings

Rockingham Recreational Facilities contract
To protect your property from graffiti vandalism there are different types of anti graffiti coatings available on the market. Sacrificial and non-sacrificial coatings can be applied on painted or bare surfaces with brush, roller or spray painting. We can assist you to choose the right product, shiny or matt finish to the right surface. More »

Working in height

Attractive Painting is licensed to work on EWPs.

Cherry pickers, knuckle booms, scaffolds or high ladders are well known tools for us.

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