PErth PainterThis is an honest website!

All the painters in Perth are saying they are doing a good job. But most of the time I walk in to a house it has not been sealed, sanded or gapped properly. How can this happen?

Everyone wants to make money on your job, even the cheap painters. But they have to make shortcuts to achieve this. It makes sense doesn`t it?

I want to be honest to you so I`m saying: you will get good value for your money if you choose me. I believe it is a big deal to get good quality work for a middle price. That’s what I’ll do for you.

Please look at this website as a reference and feel free to contact me if you need help, advice or a free quote.

Thank you for your interest and good browsing!


Gabor Stiedl

Registered painter, owner of Attractive Painting

Painter Perth Services

Our services as painting contractors includes residential painting (most common house painting), commercial and industrial painting. We complete any kind of interior and exterior painting jobs no matter what condition the property is in whether old or new.

Attractive Painting is specialised in repaints!

We are experienced in doing refurbishment work and the repainting of old houses. We also do maintenance painting and offer ongoing maintenance services for our clients.

Attractive Painting has repainted numerous properties before it`s owner has put them on the market or Real Estate agencies rented it. We know how to get a good result and keeping the budget low at the same time.

Small part of our work is insurance work including fixing stain, smoke or water damage.

More details about our painting services you will find on pages Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Painting Ideas.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: treat anyone like you would like to be treated.

Honest, fair and respectful, we offer you our help in the world of painting.

A good painting job is based on sound preparation work. With the proper choice of coatings and a nice finish, you will certainly get value for money if you contract us. Don`t forget when receiving cheap quotes that most of the time you`ll get what you pay for.

Our team is experienced in the majority of painting work, but we are ready to learn and take challenges, what we don`t know we will research and solve the problem.



We are consciences about our role in the environment, so we don`t waste materials and spill chemicals into the ground. We managed to re-use solvents to minimise the damage to the environment.

Attractive Painting is using professional high quality materials as Dulux and Wattyl products.

Both companies have a range of `green` paints containing low VOC.



I`m a registered painter and I founded Attractive Painting’s forbear Attractive Home in 2009 after I settled down in Perth with my family and worked several years for other painting companies.

I worked on residential, commercial and industrial sites and have seen the good and the bad side of the painting trade. With my European background, committed to high quality workmanship, I decided to make a difference.

Since then I have done a lot of jobs with my team and got appreciated by our clients which brought us new work through word of mouth. Now we are seeking more work to use our capacity to the full extent.

We changed our company name to Attractive Painting in 2011.


Company and Policy details

Our business is fully insured and licensed with Painters Registration, Public Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, EWP Licence, Construction White Cards, WPCG Work Clearance certificate to work in hazardous areas and OH&S Policy.