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Hi Gabor

Here’s a few words I hope you can use for your website…

I contracted Attractive Painting to paint most of the interior of our house, including French doors and some outside areas. I was very pleased with the results. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the preparation which preceded the painting and the professional way the job was completed.


Testimonial for “Attractive Painting”

I first located Gabor Stiedl’s advertisement in the “Melville Times” and was immediately impressed with his prompt and polite manner.

His quote came the following day and although we did not follow through with that one (due to a change in our plans, not because of the cost) we used his services to paint a rental property we had. He and his team were extremely professional, worked quickly and with European precision.

We requested a quote to paint the house we were vacating (I didn’t even bother with any other quotes because I knew his work and prices were highly competitive). That quote was arranged within 2 hours and work began the following day. We were extremely happy with the quality and workmanship and the timeframe was exactly as he had suggested.

Furthermore he came to my rescue, when the day before our fist “Home Open”, I discovered that one of the other tradesmen we’d had working in the house had scratched some of the paint on the stair rails. I quickly rang Gabor and he arrived after work that day and repaired the paint to perfection.

I would highly recommend “Attractive Painting” to anyone looking for high quality work at a good price.

Kate Stagoll-Henn

To whom it may concern

We live in Mosman Park and have an unusual home in that it has brick floors and jarrah ceilings. The house is about 40 years old and over the years has sustained water damage to the ceilings, particularly in the upstairs mezzanine room. Because of its poor condition and because of the difficulty of dealing with the double height area above the staircase we have, until recently, avoided any renovation. About a month ago we decided to renovate and the first challenge was to find a painter who was prepared to tackle the restoration of the jarrah ceilings and staircase. Gabor Stiedl responded to an ad I placed on the internet. He provided a very reasonable quote, which was the cheaper of the two I received, and I could not have been more pleased with the job he did. This was a very difficult painting job requiring extensive preparation and sanding before he could begin. He started by doing some test strips to ensure the finish was what we wanted and then used a plastic curtain to isolate the work area and prevent dust from the sanding entering the rest of the house. Then, working in quite difficult circumstances, he removed all evidence of the extensive water damage, bringing the ceiling and staircase back to their original condition. We wanted the job done as quickly as possible and we were even accommodated in this regard by work done on the weekend. I said at the time if Gabor ever needed a testimonial as to the quality of his work I would be happy to provide it. I do so now without reservation.

John H Lake
Mosman Park

To whom it may concern

Gabor Stiedl of Attractive Home, has worked on my sites which were six separate sporting facilities for the City of Rockingham comprising of Baldivis Recreational Centre, Baldivis Hall, Careeba Reserve, Mike Barnett Sports Complex, Georgetown Reserve and Shoalwater Cricket Club.
He works to a high standard, he is reliable, punctual and has a good team working for him. I would recommend him as a reliable painting contractor.

Andrew Holland
Site Manager
Badge Construction
Unit 2/24 Parkland Road, Osborne Park WA 6017 Australia
PO Box 1846, Osborne Park WA 6916 Australia
Phone: 08 9208 9700 | Fax: 08 9208 9777 | Mob: 0408 063 917 | Web:

Hi Gabor

Thanks again for all of the great work you have done for us so far. I have attached a short reference for you here and will also give you a printed and signed copy.

“Gabor’s painting is of a very high standard. He is prompt and reliable, works quickly at very reasonable rates and leaves the job in a clean and orderly state.”

Please feel free to quote our names, and to give our contact phone number 9459 3308 to anyone who may like to speak with a client of yours.

All the best

Donna Deland and David Lee