The choice of colour is a question of personal style and occasionally becomes hard. Good ideas can be handy for you to make a decision easier. Let me introduce you one of my partner`s tool in your search for the right set of colours: visit Wattyl`s Colour Designer and have a go in the world of colours.

You can also try Dulux`s Colour Picker or any other sources to extend your search.

At the end the choice of colours will be yours.

I`m happy to discuss anything with you including colours.


Here is an example how to separate two very different colours in two neighbouring rooms. Double door painted half dark grey and half white.Painters Perth

To use the existing features of old houses we painted the old ceiling`s cornice lining with the wall colour.



Revarnished old dining table

Table RefurbishmentThis table was in a terrible condition as you still can see on the edges. After sanding back and varnishing twice it shows a much nicer picture during meals.





Furniture painting

Originally bare timber stained and varnishedThis was a bare timber tallboy bought from the shop. It has been decorated with different colours of stains, gold framed by hands and varnished. Knobs have been painted by hands for a porcelain like finish. It gives you an idea what you could achieve with an individual approach.




Spraying water based enamel paint on doors

A green solution for glossing interior doors and frames is to use a water based enamel finish. This environmentally friendly product makes very little odour during the application, dries quick as any other acrylic paint and is as durable as traditionally used oil based enamels. This is the solution if you don`t want your doors getting yellow with the time. It gives a beautiful sprayed finish.


Window restoration

Repaint of old house in KensingtonOld timber windows and French doors can be a feature in the house if they are in a good condition. In some cases they are a real challenge for the painter to produce a quality finish, but nothing is impossible. The right amount of preparation work can make everything good, so these timbers can get their shine back.




Roller doors, garage doors

painting garage doorsOne important part of the building is the garage door which can wear-out quicker than surrounding areas. To fix this we have a good solution for repainting even if the old paint is peeling off. More ยป