Attractive Painting is able to do a whole range of industrial painting applications includingPort Freo (6)

  • corrosion protection,
  • protective coatings and
  • anti graffiti coatings.


Our painters have personal experience with industrial paints, epoxies, polyurethanes and two pack products. We have been parts of  industrial jobs before.

We are licensed for EWPs to work in high areas.

We use both airless and air-assisted spray painting technologies.

If necessary we water pressure clean the surface and paint it with the proper choice of protective coatings.

We are trained for working on oil industry marketing facilities such as petrol stations, fuel depots, etc. with the WPCG Work Clearance certificate. This allows us to work in hazardous areas where flammable materials are present.

Protective Coating

What is protective coating?

Protective coatings are high grade products that can provide decorative appeal but are primarily designed to protect the substrate from degradation either from environmental or chemical actions. Both metals and non metals, such as concrete, brick, plastics, and timber deteriorate in natural environments.

Protective coatings are designed to seal off the substrate from these damaging reactions thus preventing corrosion.

A correct, well planned choice of paint system for buildings & structures and its subsequent maintenance is decisive, in the long run, to its profitability. Painting must therefore be taken seriously.

Corrosion is an insidious enemy. It costs industry enormous sums every year. Today’s coatings will fight corrosion effectively.