Rockingham Recreational Facilities contract

Commercial Painting Services !

This was a contract job with Badge Construction, stretching over seven months to do all the painting work across 5 different sporting facilities for the Rockingham Council. As a result of the refurbishment requested, there were all kinds of painting jobs to complete from new work to repaints. Besides the normal scope of work like ceilings, walls, doors and frames we had to work on concrete floors with two pack epoxy paint, we varnished timber floors, sprayed roofs and anti graffiti coating on exterior walls.

A contract of work like this requires more liabilities towards work safety, licences and time management. Working with hazardous materials like two pack epoxy and anti graffiti paints in public spaces needs wider attention and highly responsible decisions. Through the year we completed the work to a high standard and gave our partners a reliable service.

A difficult part of this job was eliminating the widespread presence of rust on many exterior metal surfaces as shown on before pictures. That needed a lot of hard and dirty preparation work cleaning off all the corroded debris, sanding and applying rust converter. After this we used Cold Galv for painting, which prevents the further corrosion of the surface and gives a strong protection against the hard weather conditions. Some areas were repainted with normal exterior paint to achieve a like new finish.

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