Roof Tile Spray Paint

Spray painted roof restoration

Spraying the roof makes your house not only look better but gives more protection to the surface. This is important because under harsh conditions, like the West Australian sun and the salty environment close to the ocean – anything would deteriorate with time. Painting the roof of a home is a good solution for protecting this vital part of the building.

Corrugated metal roof sheets can be particularly prone to corroding easily but repainting would stop this process.

Save your roof with a coat of paint – Roof Restoration

We have repainted both tiled roofs and corrugated metal roofs before, sometimes under difficult conditions (like steep roof pitch, where safety ropes and harnesses were needed). Working on the roof can be hard due to temperature, wind, height, the pitch and it is physically demanding. However, the end result is always rewarding as it looks like new again.
The process starts with a high pressure washing of the surface, fixing leaks, repointing the capping (tiled roofs), followed by spraying two coats of the desired roof paint colour. Usually we use exterior acrylic paint but other finishes are also available like harder wearing enamels.

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